work close to home

How can coworking suit my needs

Are you working from home ? Are you looking for a solution for an office close to home ? Be it for your daily business or from time to time when you don’t go to your company’s office ? Then coworking may well be for you.

Flexible coworking around the corner

Coworking spaces, located around Switzerland, offer solutions for near home office. Professionally equipped with shared resources, they usually offer a wide range of solutions. You can either decide to make it your main office place (with monthly subscriptionfor example) or a place you visit from time to time (A la carte subscription). It can either be a place in an open-plan or a closed desk and why not a meeting room when you need it?Coworking spaces offer full flexibility to their clients.

Coworking spaces offer meeting rooms for everybody

Coworking spaces across the country offer various sizes of meeting rooms which can be booked according to your needs. No need to be a member, meeting rooms can be booked by external clients and extra services (beamer, flipchart, lunch) and can also be organized in most coworking spaces. Plan your next meeting in a vibrant environment.

Coworking - a place with human interactions.

Coworking spaces put human beings back to the center. By offering activities that help exchanges and sharing, coworking spaces allow professionals to exchange on a daily basis about their job, their issues and solutions. Activities that are proposed replicate those of large companies (drinks, shared lunches, education courses, ski day…). Each coworking has its individual offering, so make sure to find out which one suits you best.

Home office can be tiring

Tired of home office ? Whilst it's good to be able to do laundry whilst working, you are sometimes missing social interactions and willing to go out of your home? Coworking spaces offer a professional working environment, providing social interaction and enabling a clear cut between private and professional life. All this, close to home. A good alternative, which your employer may even be interested in financing.


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