Make happy employees

What can coworking bring to your company ?

Coworking as a long term solution for your offices around Switzerland

Why not have your office or hub offices in one of our coworking spaces in Switzerland ? Think outside the box and discover why sharing office resources in a coworking environment can be valuable to you. Various solutions exist across the country, be it from a desk in an open-space to a private office for 2, 4 or even 10 people of your team.
By moving your employees into coworking spaces, you will allow them to be part of a community that will bring them much more than just an office.

Coworking brings flexibility to your office space

Coworking spaces offer flexibility to your office space management. Did you know that you don’t have to commit to long term rent and can adjust your needs based on the development of your business? Need to grow your team for a year or to downsize ? This can easily be made in coworking spaces. Also coworking spaces offer various sizes of meeting rooms which can best fit your needs.

Coworking - a solution for a near-home office for your employees

Most employees love homeworking. Ever asked yourself why ? Maybe because laundry can be done at the same time as work? Or because children can be welcomed home for lunch? The reason however is mainly to avoid commuting. By offering “near home offices” in a coworking space, you allow your team to work in a professional environment, providing social interaction and enabling a clear cut between private and professional life. All this, close to your employees' home.


FLESK is a swiss-based company, partner of Coworking Switzerland, which provides an easy solution for access to different coworking spaces around Switzerland for your employees located in various towns/cities. Contact them to discuss your needs and find the best solution to offer a flexible workplace.