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why Coworking ?

Coworking first started in 2005 with the idea of sharing space and ideas to work. Now, almost 20 years later, coworking has spread worldwide. Coworking is, de facto, a means to sustainable development, based on the three pillars: Social, Ecological, Economical.

The coworking switzerland manifesto

In order to create sustainable communities based on trust, we value the 8 statements.
COllaboration over competition
Participation over observation
doing over saying
friendship over formality
boldness over assurance
Learning over expertise
People over personalities
Flexibility over rigid structure



I am running a coworking space. How can I get my pin on your map at coworking.ch/spaces?

As we strive to provide a comprehensive map of coworking spaces in Switzerland, every space signing our manifesto via the membership application form will be marked with pin and name for free.The pin with full contact and profile information is a service for the full members of Coworking Switzerland. Drop us a membership application, after review by the board you will receive your membership invoice. Upon payment, your full profile will be added to the map.

Who can become a member of Coworking Switzerland?

We are happy to welcome anyone interested in coworking as an Associate Member or to give special support to our movement as a Patron Member! Full Membership is open to individuals, companies, associations and other legal entities who are operating a coworking space in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. For all membership types, fill in our membership application form.

We have a commercial surface that would perfectly suit for a coworking space. Is Coworking Switzerland interested in renting it?

Coworking Switzerland is the association of the coworking community in Switzerland, in particular coworking space operators and promoters as well as coworkers. Hence, Coworking Switzerland does not itself develop or operate coworking spaces.

However, there is the possibility to get your project presented to our members. With our Real Estate Ad package for CHF 100, we will share your project within our community as a call for interested space operators, both as a post in our members channel on Slack and in our internal members newsletter that is sent by e-mail. If this is of interest for you, send your documentation, a featured image for the project and contact information to info@coworking.ch.

We have free office space / desks to let. Can we offer them for booking on the Coworking Switzerland platform, and what are the conditions?

Coworking Switzerland is the association of the coworking community in Switzerland. Coworking Switzerland offers a map indicating all member coworking spaces in Switzerland, but we do not operate a booking system nor act as booking agent for shared office space or individual desks. Potential coworkers get in touch with the coworking spaces directly through the contact information indicated on the list resp. their website. Bookings will then be managed by the coworking spaces themselves through their own booking system.

Please note that we focus on coworking spaces in terms of the Coworking Manifesto, while for other types of shared office offerings, other platforms may be more adequate.

Does Coworking Switzerland offer coworking desk subscriptions?

Coworking Switzerland is the association of coworking spaces in Switzerland and does not operate any coworking space.

If you are looking for a coworking desk, check out our Swiss coworking map and contact the coworking space(s) of your choice directly regarding their individual membership offerings. Or, if you are looking for access to different coworking spaces, you might consider joining a coworking pass provider, like Flesk for Switzerland or Copass on a global scale.

a glimpse of swiss coworking spaces

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